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Samantha Whitten is a freelance illustrator that specializes in digital illustration and graphic design. She works to support herself as an independant artist, drawing what she loves and sharing it where she can. She currently runs her own online shop and a webcomic about cats that play video games.

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To work in a creative enviroment where I can apply my artistic skills and learn and grow as both an artist and a person.

.Skill Sets


2009 ~ Present / Owner, Illustrator, Web Manager, Customer Service / Sugar Bunny Shop
Tasks : Run, manage and maintain an online business selling various products featuring artwork produced for resale. Create everything from art for products to packaging, as well as design and coding for the website, product photos, newsletter creation, social media promotion, customer service and timely order fulfillment.

2013 ~ Present / Sequential Artist / The GaMERCaT
Tasks : Illustrate full color comic pages on a weekly basis for The GaMERCaT, maintaining consistent character appearances and scripting humorous "bite-sized" comics, while also maintaining a overreaching story arc.

2008 ~ 2011 / Sprite Artist & Illustrator / Gaia Interactive, Inc.
Tasks : Creation and production of a wide range of virtual goods for Gaia Online. Assisted in group efforts in the creation of new and innovative virtual products to drive site growth and revenue. Also create various concept art, clip art and illustrations.

2012 / Illustrator, Writer / Walter Foster Publishing
Tasks : Write copy and create illustrations for a how-to-draw book focused on a specific theme to be published and distributed to major retailers. Compose detailed instructions alongside informative illustrations that depict steps and give tips and tricks for drawing.

Published Work: How to Draw Manga Chibis & Cute Critters

2007 ~ 2015 / Sequential Artist / Strays
Tasks : Illustrate full color comic pages on a weekly basis for Strays Online, maintaining consistent character appearances as well as scripting an engaging story.

Published Work: Strays Volume 01, Strays Volume 02, Strays Volume 03

2001 ~ Present / Freelance Illustrator / Personal Commission Work
Tasks : Create character illustrations for clients for both personal and commercial use, based on provided descriptions and reference material.